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10 Best Acoustic Guitars In An Affordable Range

  • March 4, 2018

You need an acoustic guitar but not an ordinary one. You need one which is the best acoustic guitar for you. Keep in mind that different people playing style, and tonal perception is different.

A guitar which one is perfect for your friend may not be the best acoustic guitar for you. You have to find out one which is perfect for you.

Let’s face the truth. Finding the best acoustic guitar is not easy. If you are a complete newbie and don’t know what to look for, check the guitar buying guide. It will help you to understand what to search for buying the best acoustic guitar.

Things to consider

You don’t want to purchase a guitar for one or two months. It is your love that you want to keep with you till your last breath. Maybe I am an imaginary person but believe me, I feel so.

That is the reason I made this list of 10 best acoustic guitars in an affordable range. Keep reading, before go to my review on ten best acoustic guitars; I want to tell you that these guitars are from the best guitar makers. All of this guitar are best-selling acoustic guitar on the market.

Before selecting all these guitars, I did a lot of research on the market. I took opinion from over 30 acoustic guitar players who is playing guitar for decades, and I also took advice from guitar sellers in my locality.

It was a hard task for me to make this list of 10 best acoustic guitars. Because I found more than 50 guitars, all of this demand to be in best acoustic guitar list.

I try to give you a great list of guitars keeping in mind that,

  • They should have an excellent sound
  • They should not be much costly
  • Their playability
  • Which woods use to build
  • Sound of the Guita

Without a great sound, there is no value of an acoustic guitar. Guitar body shape plays a vital role how the guitar produce sound.

A bigger sized acoustic guitar produce a louder sound than smaller guitar. If you want a full bodied guitar sound, than dreadnought is a perfect option for you. However, you can also amplify sound directly using a pickup.

Price range

When it comes to buying the best acoustic guitar from the market like Gibson J-45 or Martin D-28, you have to break your bank. And if you want something like that you probably doesn’t come here.

I assume that you need a guitar which one produce a versatile sound without breaking the bank. I am going to give you a list of guitar from price range 100$ to 1000$. There are many great guitars in this price range. So you don’t need to worry about their sound or action.


There is no actual definition of playability. Every guitar player has his definition of the playability. If the guitars neck or body size doesn’t suit you, it’ll hard to play. Guitars neck and fretboard, body shape, string spacing, nut width, scale length, string gauge all play the role.

But it is entirely a personal preference. However, setup plays a big role in playing comfort. A perfect setup guitar produces much-balanced sound.